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      [429] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 10 Juillet, 1756. Rsum des Nouvelles du Canada, Sept. 1756.THE OUTAGAMIE WAR.

      [113] "Les sauvages et Accadiens mirent le feu dans toutes les maisons et granges, pleines de bled et de fourrages, ce qui a caus une grande disette." La Vallire, ut supra.[3] Histoire des Ursulines de Qubec, I. 508; Juchereau, 378.

      [289] Iberville au Ministre, 18 Juin, 1698 (Margry, iv. 51).

      285 Massachusetts had made her usual mistake. She had confidently believed that ignorance and inexperience could match the skill of a tried veteran, and that the rude courage of her fishermen and farmers could triumph without discipline or leadership. The conditions of her material prosperity were adverse to efficiency in war. A trading republic, without trained officers, may win victories; but it wins them either by accident or by an extravagant outlay in money and life.

      1697-1741.When France was heaving with the throes that prepared the Revolution; when new hopes, new dreams, new thoughts,good and evil, false and true,tossed the troubled waters of French society, Canada caught something of its social corruption, but not the faintest impulsion of its roused mental life. The torrent surged on its way; while, in the deep nook beside it, the sticks and dry leaves floated their usual round, and the unruffled pool slept in the placidity of intellectual torpor. ***

      V1 to govern; but he gave the reins to the Great Cardinal. Louis XV. abandoned them to a frivolous mistress, content that she should rule on condition of amusing him. It was a hard task; yet Madame de Pompadour accomplished it by methods infamous to him and to her. She gained and long kept the power that she coveted: filled the Bastille with her enemies; made and unmade ministers; appointed and removed generals. Great questions of policy were at the mercy of her caprices. Through her frivolous vanity, her personal likes and dislikes, all the great departments of governmentarmy, navy, war, foreign affairs, justice, financechanged from hand to hand incessantly, and this at a time of crisis when the kingdom needed the steadiest and surest guidance. Few of the officers of state, except, perhaps, D'Argenson, could venture to disregard her. She turned out Orry, the comptroller-general, put her favorite, Machault, into his place, then made him keeper of the seals, and at last minister of marine. The Marquis de Puysieux, in the ministry of foreign affairs, and the Comte de St.-Florentin, charged with the affairs of the clergy, took their cue from her. The King stinted her in nothing. First and last, she is reckoned to have cost him thirty-six million francs,answering now to more than as many dollars.

      [301] "Il est clair que M. de Bienville n'a pas les qualits ncessaires pour bien gouverner la colonie." Gayarr found this curious letter in the Archives de la Marine.


      ** Edits et Ordonnances, II. 119.


      [705] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 28 Mai, 1759.


      V2 numbers rolled together down the slope. At that instant the clouds burst, and the rain fell in torrents. "We could not see half way down the hill," says the Chevalier Johnstone, who was at this part of the line. Ammunition was wet on both sides, and the grassy steeps became so slippery that it was impossible to climb them. The English say that the storm saved the French; the French, with as much reason, that it saved the English.